The Best Windows Installation in London

The best windows installation in London is available at Continental Home Improvements. Why do you need to install windows in your home?

  • If you have an old home, chances are you do not have required energy star rating. Installing windows can help you with that. Drafty and old windows let the hot air escape and then allow the cold air to enter the home, in both cases heat is lost that means increase in energy bills.
  • In such cases homeowners can also experience sweating and or fogging.
  • Update to ongoing trend 
  • Get in with the theme
  • Increasing the appeal of their home
  • Security of the house increased with the use of sturdy material.
  • Much required ventilation if needed.

Enjoy all these benefits and more with windows installation by Continental Home Improvements. Window your house today, Call for a quote.

London’s Professional Windows Installer

Professional tips when installing windows, from London’s professional Windows Installers-

  1. Decide the material of windows depending on the kind of performance you need from it. For example, if you live in a moisture laden climate, then choose the water resistant material for the windows to be installed.
  2. When you have installed energy efficient windows to the already existing structure, it is important to retune your heating and cooling system accordingly. It should be rebalanced to accommodate the reduced level of air filtering through the windows.
  3. It always makes sense to refer to local building code officials to know the required rules and regulations. Sometimes HOAs also apply some rules for the common benefit or aesthetic appeal.  
  4. Concrete walls or CMU walls without the cavities do not allow the windows to continue within the cavity. This means the sealant continuity is seldom achieved with reference to the adjacent construction.
  5. Instructions provided by the manufacturer should be paid heed for the purpose of installation as well as maintenance. 
  6. The rules regarding the safety glass, where it is required to be installed by the law and exceptions where it is not required, comes in handy in case of installation of the windows. 
Why should the windows be replaced?

  • Signs of damage from the moisture 
  • Warped or rotten frames
  • If the window is difficult to open or close
  • Window glass is broken
  • Sticking windows
  • Foggy glass of the window
  • There is air seepage through the window
  • Leaky windows
  • Damaged window frames
  • Stained glass.

All the above mentioned signs should be looked for when installing a window to try and fix them alongside. Continental Home Improvements do the best job at the cheapest rates in the London, Ontario area.

Why choose us for Windows Installation

Why choose us, Continental Home Improvements for windows installation-

  • We are the certified professionals who know what they are doing and how to do it.
  • Our experience in the industry speaks for itself.
  • We provide competitive pricing for our services.
  • Even at competitive pricing, we provide top notch services.
  • Our professionals are quite handy with the tools and equipment required to be used at the job.
  • Proper installation of the windows is guaranteed.
  • Proper window installation job not only protects the market value of the property but also increases it.
  • When dealing with professionals such as Continental Home Improvements, you can rest assured regarding the legal leverage of the installation as well as material.

Trusted Windows Installation Service Provider in London

If you are looking for professionals in window installation in London, then your search ends here. Get window installations done by pure experts in the business to enjoy the many benefits of sturdy and good-quality windows. If you are looking for someone to replace the windows or you want new ones to be installed, choosing the right window installation service provider can get the job done at affordable rates. If you see signs of damage on the windows or they have developed leakage issues, or there is air seepage happening through the windows, all these signs point you towards one direction and that is to replace or repair your windows as soon as possible.

We are a team of certified professionals with extensive experience in the industry and hence can guarantee proper installation of the windows in your property. Our experience and ability to provide top-notch service quality enables us to outstand from others in the market. We are window replacement and installation experts in the industry with the required expertise and knowledge to work and guide you throughout the process. Contact us to get a competitive quote for window installation services today.


For one window, it can cost upto $900 to $1200 in London, Ontario region. But the real cost estimate can be made only once the other factors of the number of windows and the material that is being used for installation. Continental Home Improvements solve all your window installation issues with just a single call. 

The cheapest way to replace windows is to-

  • Hire an experienced contractor such as Continental Home improvements.
  • Next, avoid the unnecessary extra additions that might jack up the cost.
  • Get quotes from at least 3-4 contractors.
  • Negotiate for the lowest possible price.
  • Try and stick to the common and cheaper materials
  • Choose the common styles for windows

Yes. It is expensive to add windows to a house. For a single window, it might cost between $1000 and $5000. Adding windows includes siding, framing and finishing work. Continental Home Improvements is the answer to all your window installment problems.

The exact time required for window installation in London cannot be estimated as it depends on various factors like the complexity of the site and also the condition of the property. Usually, our team of two fitters at continental home improvements complete the full installation of three to six windows per day.

Usually, this doesn’t happen while doing window installation in London. If, however, we come across any wiring, we will stop the work and request you to call for a qualified electrician to ensure the safety and security of us and the premises. We are not allowed to work with wires or any electrical fitting at all.

No, that isn’t possible as our windows are internally glazed which means the glass cannot be taken out from outside unless it is broken. It can only be removed from the inside.

Our prices for window installation in London are highly competitive as it depends on our unique purchase power, we can supply and fit 30-40 windows per week. If you give us a bulk order, we can give you the savings.

If you decide to work with us or want to discuss further on window installation in London, contact us today. Along with consultation, we also offer a free no-obligation quote.

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