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Bathroom renovation in London, Ontario is an easy affair, considering the experts of the likes of Continental Home Improvements. We provide the best service in the area at a reasonable price. Call for a quote today.

Now, let us discuss the reasons why bathrooms need renovations-

  1. One of the major reasons for undertaking a bathroom renovation is the need to fix an underlying problem, such as a leak.
  2. Secondly, renovating the bathroom can update the look of the bathroom, which is much needed considering the bathroom selfie culture taking the world of social media by storm.
  3. Then, bathroom renovations can help add functionality, such as shower screens or basins.
  4. Increasing the storage space might also be the reason for bathroom renewal.
  5. Smart bathroom designs can be incorporated while renovating the existing bathrooms. Smart home elements and even environmentally friendly fixtures can be used to spruce up the space.
  6. A seating space can also be added to your bathroom space, for either keeping your clothes or that alone time to unwind and maybe read a book. 

Personalize Your Bathroom According to Your Need and Taste

Bathroom renovations need not be stringent but can also show and appreciate your tastes. You can now personalize your bathroom according to your needs and taste, by hiring Continental Home Improvements. We incorporate your practical ideas and offer our professional opinion about using those. Resultantly, you get the personalized bathroom you so deserve. Some of the ideas for you to consider for bathroom renovation are- 

  • You can choose a small and textured tile floor for your bathroom. This is beautiful as well as practical as it lends safety to floor design.
  • Increasing the size of plumbing drain pipes is functional as generally 1 ½  inches drain pipe is usually used. By making this difference the drain will not be easily clogged. 
  • Adding a window in the bathroom is a very smart move, as it not only improves ventilation and decreases the chance of mold formation. It also increases the natural light in the bathroom and can result in significantly lower energy bills.
  • Instead of gaudy vanities, it is practical to install chic cabinets for added space.
  • The tub is not a necessity, install it only if you use it for baths. If not used enough, it will only take up much needed bathroom space.

Why Choose us for Bathroom Renovation?

Choose Continental Home Improvements for bathroom renovations because-

  • We are the home improvements and renovation company working for a long time and have the certified professionals who know what they are doing and how to do it.
  • Our experience in the industry speaks for itself.
  • We provide competitive pricing for our services.
  • Even at competitive pricing, we provide top notch services.
  • Our professionals are quite handy with the tools and equipment required to be used at the job.
  • Proper renovation of the bathrooms is guaranteed.
  • Proper job not only protects the market value of the property but also increases it.
  • When dealing with professionals such as Continental Home Improvements, you can rest assured regarding the legal leverage of the installation as well as material.

Trusted Bathroom Renovator in London

Creating your dream bathroom starts with hiring a perfect and skilled team of bathroom renovators in London. With their genuine suggestions based on your requirements, rest assured the bathroom of your dreams is no longer a far-fetched reality. Gone are the days when bathrooms were just used for functionality but now they are no longer uninspiring rather have become a retreat, a space that allows you to be. If you long for escape inside your home, bathrooms are the perfect corners to relax, unwind and ponder over your thoughts.

If you are looking for home renovation in London, then look no further, contact Continental Home Improvements today. They are the best service providers in the area and do their jobs at fairly reasonable prices. Whether you are looking for full bathroom renovations, a change of fittings and design or you just wish to install a tub to soak yourself in a hot bubble bath, we are here for you. You can rely on us for professional, efficient, and quality services that will satisfy you completely by meeting your exact requirements. Our team at Continental Home Improvements consists of certified and professional bathroom designers and contractors, we are fairly knowledgeable and experienced in accommodating your needs.


Bathroom FAQs

We have done innumerable bathroom renovations in London and thus have gained valuable knowledge and expertise in the area. Mentioned below are general questions our clients often ask:


On average the bathroom renovation in London takes about one to four weeks but that again depends on the nature of the work and the complications involved. Having no interruptions accelerates the process and the workers can finish it faster.

No, but we work closely with several leading suppliers of bathroom fittings. So, let us know your requirements, and along with their help, we can provide all the required materials and fittings you need.

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